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BA (Hons) Interior Design

Course Leader:

Laoura Englezou


Staff Team:

Antonis Anagnostidis
Kristina Bonnington
Owain Caruana Davies
Josh Chidwick
Nerma Cridge
Rentaro Nishimura
Dragan Pavlovic
Sophie Ungerer

BA (Hons) Interior Design


We believe that good interior design positively affects everyday lives and well-being, and is of vital importance in a changing world.

The BA (Hons) Interior Design programme at Regent’s aims to prepare students for a creative and professional career in the area of interior design, allowing them to gain a deep understanding of built spaces and to design for people and their needs. As our students develop design knowledge and skills, creativity and confidence, they are challenged to leave behind preconceived solutions and embark on their personal creative journey as a designer.


'Urban Tapestry' (Final Major Project)

apart, unable to travel, meet, hug. Many of us have spent much more time at home than envisaged, forcing us to consider what home, identity and (global) community mean for us. In their final design projects, our graduates have explored the notion of community by designing proposals for the Shoreditch Town Hall. The site is located in an area of London which was formed by many different communities leaving their mark, making their home, filling the streets with narratives and stories, bringing a little bit of that essence of home with them - and creating a rich palimpsest of inhabitation and history. The students’ proposals aimed to untangle this intricately woven urban tapestry and create a space for the diverse Shoreditch community to Make and Meet.   


BA (Hons) Interior Design

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