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Stephanie Ferreira


Course: BA (Hons) Fashion Design / BA (Hons) Fashion Design (Marketing)

About Me


During the time I was pursuing my BA in Fashion Design with Marketing at Regent’s University London where I was awarded for the Dean of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Scholarship, I had always been focused on nature, architecture and how objects are structured. My ingrained design philosophy stems from my eye for beauty and my obsession for 'perfection'.

With a passion for colours, patterns and expression, my intricate and innovative collections contain integrated design elements, playing with the proportions and shape. Each of my designs begin with a historical concept and as I experiment with different compositions of colours and weights of fabric, I creates products with a commercial and modern purpose. My signature style can be described as an everyday art form, combining feminine/edgy statement pieces with functionality. Therefore, during the pandemic, I launched my own sustainable luxury brand, La Maison Soigné (pronounced swä-nyei).



Less embellishment, More silhouette...

I was inspired by the beauty standards in a patriarchal society and how magazines have been absorbed by the ideals of femininity as well as gender equality, inequality, and the symbolism for the colour pink, hence me creating a tattoo-style rose print that reads “WE STAND FOR EQUALITY". I was able to express my ideas freely, combining my feminine style with the binary opposition of masculine elements, as originated by philosopher Jacques Derrida, in relation to the black-and-white dualism.

It was also inspired by nature and how objects are structured. With contemporary references from Alexander McQueen, Georgia O’ Keefe and Nick Knight, I re-invented the floral form which grows from the body. 'Beauty Unravelled' is a story that exposes the perceived notion of beauty and a submersion of sex, in the life of a young individual who rebels against an idealistic world, combining femininity with masculinity to find the 'in-between' through both lightweight and heavyweight fabrics.



Femininity vs. Rebellion

As part of my collection research, the ‘rose’ was referenced as it is known as the queen of all flowers and a symbol of beauty and femininity for decades. It also owns a strength and a power, almost representing a woman. For sexualisation, I analysed the punk rock style of chains, harnesses, corsets and hardwearing fabrics such as leathers. Ultimately aiming to challenge the feminine tropes of modesty in a rebellious, contemporary manner through both womenswear and menswear. I translated a myriad of colours, that were on trend for S/S 2020, which represented a contrast between the graceful colours of white, pink and olive green alongside the rebellious shades of black and bordeaux which demonstrate a rich complexity, emphasising sexualisation and domination. The overall stylisation for the outfits were fit accordingly to the theme, such as pairing the white shirt dress with ruched PU gloves, a ring choker with the pink ruffled suit and a PU belt with a big gold buckle for the burgundy coat dress.

My Work


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Colour and Fabric Story
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Process Board 1
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Process Board 2
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CADS and Illustration for Outfits 1 and 2
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CADS and Illustration for Outfits 3 and 4
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CADS and Illustration for Outfits 5 and 6
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Ruffled Bustier Coat Dress Photoshoot
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Oversized Shirt Dress + Bustier Photoshoot 1
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Oversized Shirt Dress + Bustier Photoshoot 2
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Mens Oversized Shirt, Ruffle Wraparound + Joggers
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Outfit 2 + 6 Joint Photoshoot


Behind The Scenes for “Beauty Unravelled” Mid-Season ‘20

Designer: Stephanie Ferreira (2 outfits from collection), Models: Zach Parkin & Zula Borjigin, Photographer: Izabela Wojnarowska HMUA: Tasniya Haq Jewellery: Law London Location: St. Paul’s Cathedral, London

Each outfit juxtaposes elegant evening wear and an edgy punk rock style, describing the dreamy air of fantasy that rejects the norm and runs imaginations wild with audacity...

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